Crescent Gang (2023) Movie Review

Crescent Gang – Movie Review

Crescent Gang

Director: Onyx Keesha, Gino Raphael Payne

Writer: Latasha Choe Johnson, B Danielle Watkins (Screenplay)


Plot: When five kids learn they are leaving the only home they’ve known the new kid forms a hopeless plan. With their friendship hanging in the balance, a group of kids embark on a highs-takes scavenger hunt in Las Vegas. The kids endure a quirky adventure until the story comes full circle.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Crescent Gang starts when a young girl Liberty (Tavares) finds herself being placed in a group home after her parent’s death. She moves in with Haven (Camero), Carleigh (Kaiser), Lailah (Brathwaite) and Daisy (Hudson). However, this new home doesn’t last for long, when the foster parent looks to move on with her life.

As the children look for a play to stay together, their social worker Ms Baker (Regalado) is doing everything she can to keep them together. However, the children have started to create a new bond that can keep them understanding the future they could be facing.

Verdict on Crescent Gang

Crescent Gang is a family drama following a group of children living in a group home. They are about to get separated and come up with a plan to try and keep them together. Meanwhile, a professional from the same system is getting caught up in deciding what is right in life.

This is a nice family drama because it shows how the children must come together for their own futures. It highlights how helpless children can be once they are in the system. There is a nice message in the movie which is important for the characters. On the performance side of things, we get sold performances from the cast.

Final Thoughts Crescent Gang is a nice family drama with an important message.

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