The Price of the Game (2022) Movie Review

The Price of the Game – Movie Review

Price of the Game

Director: Johannes Guttenhunst

Plot: In many African communities, children fantasize about the money, glamour, and fame that comes with being a professional soccer player. Living in impoverished villages without access to training equipment, this young talent trains with dedication and optimism. Against all odds, they strive to be discovered by a European scout who can be their ticket out of poverty and into the spotlight.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on The Price of the Game

The Price of the Game is a documentary that explores the problems between the African and European game. It shows that the African players don’t get the guidance they need when it comes to moving to Europe for the game. Mostly in German, which has offered plenty of opportunities, but not the guidance with new fame.

We get to focus on how they can often get taken advantage of and had to deal with other problems along the way. The idea is that moving to a big country like Germany would be life-changing for the family. Leaving the question about why the grassroots aren’t getting the support they required to continue to bring the next level of talent through.

This is an interesting look at how the young African players are discovered and given a chance that would change their whole lives. It shows the money that has been dividing the different levels, where the African game doesn’t get anywhere near the level the European nations do.

Final Thoughts The Price of the Game is an interesting documentary exploring the struggles in the African game.

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