Nafsi (2021) Movie Review

Nafsi – Movie Review


Director: Reuben Odanga

Writer: Reuben Odanga (Screenplay)


  • Catherine Kamau
  • Mumbi Maina
  • Alfred Munyua
  • Alex Mwakideu
  • Monique Angelyn Bett

Plot: A friendship is put in jeopardy when a mutual agreement goes south

Runtime: 2 Hours 17 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Nafsi starts when Aisha (Maina) and her husband Sebastian (Munyua) learn the tragic news about their baby. Looking to have some fun, Aisha has a girl’s weekend with Shiko (Kamau) where more truths come to light. Meanwhile, Shiko is having her own problems at home with her partner Clarence (Mwakideu).

After Shiko agrees to become a surrogate for Aisha, she sees her own life start to fall apart. However, not everything goes to plan and both women find themselves in a difficult position in their lives, testing their friendship.

Verdict on Nafsi

Nafsi is a drama following two best friends that make a big deal, only for things to go wrong between the two. This follows them making the decision to become a surrogate only to learn news about the baby’s health before it is born. Leading to a change in decision about whether to keep it or not.

This is a powerful drama that gives a different cultural view on difficult views of certain illnesses babies can have. It sees how a friendship can be pushed to the limits because of differences of opinion. Finally, it gets to deal with the outcome of what happens when things don’t go smoothly. All interwoven into a story with twists along the way, showing secrets the characters have in life. The acting is strong from the whole cast getting their moments to shine through the story.

Where to Watch: Nafsi is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts Nafsi is a powerful drama with strong acting throughout.

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