The Muppets (2011)


Director: James Bobin

Writer: Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller,

Starring: Amy Adams, Jason Segel, Chris Cooper, Rashida Jones


Story Walter is a lifelong Muppet fan and when his brother Gary (Segel) takes Walter away with him and his girlfriend Mary (Adams) Walter is very excited. Upon arriving at Muppet studio they find it is empty building having tours without going into any of the buildings. Walter sneaks into Kermit’s office only to over hear the plan of Tex Richman (Cooper) to tear down the Muppet studio to get oil.


Gary, Mary and Walter decided to find Kermit to tell him the news. Kermit then sets out to reunited the gang and what follows is a series of different ways to re unit the Muppets. Now the Muppets have to raise 10 million dollars before the end of the week by performing in a one off show. Cue the cameos galore good musical numbers and good old fashion comedy.


Verdict The Muppets are back and it’s not just a reworked story with Muppets this time. The musical numbers are catchy songs and there is a lot of classic hits Muppetted. All the different cameos come off very well from Dave Grohl to Mickey Rooney and Whoopi Goldberg to Selena Gomez. Having the human story with Gary and Mary relationship gives an almost romantic story to the comedy of the Muppets. It’s the Muppets you have to like it and enjoy watching it.


Story Mark 9/10 Nice tale of reunion and joining forces to succeed.


Comedy Mark 9/10 classic Muppet humour and clever use of cameos.


Friendship Chemistry Mark 9/10 Strong bonding between characters who are and become friends.


Star Performances Jason Segel can pull off a range of comical reactions.


Favourite Character Animal starting in anger management class and can’t go back to the drums.


Least Favourite Character Tex Richman evil character determined to finish the Muppets.


Best Part Muppet or Man song.


Worst Part Not enough Rizzo


Similar Too – Muppet movies


My Rating 82%

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