Dragonfly (2002)


Director: Tom Shadyac

Writer: David Seltzer, Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson

Starring: Kevin Costner, Susanna Thompson, Joe Morton, Ron Rifkin, Kathy Bates


Story After Joe Darrow (Costner) wife Emily Darrow (Thompson) dies in an accident while working for the Red Cross her body was never found.  Joe’s work in the emergency ward starts to decline. Hugh Campbell (Morton) suggests Joe take some time to off. Having help from family friend Mrs Belmont (Bates) he decides to complete one of the tasks Emily asked off him.


Joe decides to look in on the children on Emily’s ward. Only one of her patients is still there, and after he nearly died Joe presences seems to revive him. When the boy a wakes he has been drawing the same symbol over and over again, he also has been given a message from Emily to give to Joe.


With Emily trying to communicate on a supernatural level can Joe figure out what the message is?


Verdict This supernatural drama thriller has some nice touches without really providing anything to over the top. Each message Joe receives is one many a believer could have happen from out of body experiences or symbols appearing on windows. The ending is very emotional charged when Joe finally gets some closure on his wife’s death. Where the $60 million budget came from is beyond me and this could have easily made with a much smaller budget. If you like a nice touching tale of messages from beyond the grave this one is well worth the watch.


Story Mark 8/10 Nice story but may not attract all viewers because of its simplicity.


Character Development Mark 8/10 You learn a lot about Joe and how much he misses his wife.


Star Performances Kevin Costner is the best performer but most other characters don’t get much screen tine,


Favourite Character Victor – the pilot who takes Joe to the accident scene


Least Favourite Character Some of the nurses are too straight minded not willing to believe in the afterlife.


Best Part The end is very good


Worst Part Feels more like a made for TV movie


Similar Too – Moth man Prophecies,


My Rating 71%

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