The Magnificent Meyersons (2021) Movie Review ‘Brilliant Life Drama’

The Magnificent Meyersons – Brilliant Life Drama

Director: Evan Oppenheimer

Writer: Evan Oppenheimer (Screenplay)

Starring: Kate Mulgrew, Richard Kind, Ian Kahn, Jackie Burns, Daniel Eric Gold, Shoshannah Stern, Barbara Barrie, Lauren Ridloff

Plot: A complicated New York City family as they discover on one extraordinary day that although life-and family-can sometimes shock you – it can also lead to miraculous new places.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Magnificent Meyersons starts as we follow the Meyersons family on an everyday trip around New York, with their dealings, problems and solutions, when the whole family receives the news that will change everything they once thought about their lives, leading them all to have a look at once made them who they are, and what once drove them apart in the past.

Thoughts on The Magnificent Meyersons

ThoughtsThe Magnificent Meyersons is a drama following the different members of one large family as they go about their business and dealing with their problems. We do get to meet every member of the family, with each member of the family finding their path around New York changed when the big news sending shockwaves through the city. The news will change their minds, seeing them needing to reassess the lives they have chosen. This is an interesting story, because it will leave us to wonder about our own reaction to the news the family receives, what questions would you ask, would you be worried and would you change anything at all. The performances in the film are strong throughout, with the interactions showing us how each moment has to bring an emotional response. The New York setting shows us just how close the family remain, despite having busy lives away from each other.

Final Thoughts The Magnificent Meyersons is a wonderful life drama, showing everyone how important listening can become.

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