The Last Stop (2023) Movie Review

The Last Stop – Movie Review

Last stop

Director: Joseph McGee

Writer: Joseph McGee (Screenplay)


Plot: A family man loses his family at a rest stop while on vacation.

Runtime: 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Last Stop starts when Jake (Monasterski) is travelling with his wife Dawn (Kohla) and daughter Jasmine (Friend). When they stop at a gas station, Jake nods off, only to discover his family hasn’t returned yet.

When Jake calls the police, he finds himself being told a certain. However, Detective Rinaldi (Carneiro) isn’t so sure the story is the truth. This leads to an investigation that opens up a new twist in the story.

Verdict on The Last Stop

The Last Stop is a mystery thriller following a father that sees his family vanish. When the police start investigating, things take a dramatic turn that doesn’t quite seem correct. We get to dive into the story and see what is really going on.

This does give us an interesting mystery and one that does have twists along the way. It does leave us in a position of being unsure of what we would do in the same position as Jake. While the mystery is excellent to see unfold. We could easily have spent more time with the characters to give the movie more depth. The performances are strong as get their characters show us their true motives throughout the movie. This is a great thriller with a story that keeps you guessing.

Where to Watch: The Last Stop is available on Amazon Prime Now.

Final Thoughts The Last Stop is a great thriller that keeps you guessing along.

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