The Last Son (2021) Movie Review

The Last Son – Movie Review

The Last Son

Director: Tim Sutton

Writer: Greg Johnson (Screenplay)


Plot: An outlaw attempts to end his evil family line.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Last Son starts as Isaac LeMay (Worthington) is searching for his children, believing that he is cursed and needs to kill them to break it. He does find the first Lionel (Kelly) but can’t find the other as his presence is making families uneasy. Meanwhile, his other son Cal (Kelly) has been terrorising the local area. This has drawn the attention of Solomon (Jane) a soldier who is hunting down killers.

As the three stories come together, the showdown between father and son, will clash with the soldier looking to stop the bloodshed.

Verdict on The Last Son


Isaac LeMay believes he has been cursed, sending him on a journey to kill any blood relative of his. He does this in a ruthless manner, not stopping until he finds his missing son. He does kill one of his sons, whom he finds, but knows he needs to get rid of them all.

Cal is the missing son, he has turned into a ruthless killer, but that doesn’t stop. He has created a threatening figure through his reign of terror.

Solomon is a tracker and soldier that is searching for them both. He has seen the bodies left behind them and wants to stop the innocent people killed.


When it comes to the performances, Sam Worthington, Machine Gun Kelly and Thomas Jane, all give us fine performances. None of them makes their character stand out in any way, it makes things feel slow.


The story follows three men that are bound to come together when a father is hunting down his son and a tracker hunting them both down. This comes together in chapters to give the three backstories of how they came to these paths.

The story does feel slow, as nobody feels like somebody we can support during the film. The chapters don’t help us because we are left with the same western weaknesses. It just ends up plodding along without going very far.


The Last Son is a western that falls into most of the same problems we see in most modern westerns. It doesn’t give us the intense story it wants to, the hunting down of relatives feels plain and if something is meant to be cursed, there feels like no consequences.

Final ThoughtsThe Last Son is a slow western that doesn’t get going enough.

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