The Hating Game (2021) Movie Review


The Hating Game – Movie Review

Director: Peter Hutchings (Then Came You)

Writer: Christina Mengert (Screenplay)

Writer: Sally Thorne (Novel)


Plot: Resolving to achieve professional success without compromising her ethics, Lucy embarks on a ruthless game of one-upmanship against cold and efficient nemesis Joshua, a rivalry that is complicated by her growing attraction to him.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Hating Game starts as rivalling co-workers Lucy (Hale) and Joshua (Stowell) find themselves getting into a battle over a new role. They both come from different backgrounds, and this shows in the difference between the two, by the bosses that merged their companies together.

When the battle starts, the difference between them changes into a romantic interest. As the two get involved in a whirlwind romance they both can’t explain.

Verdict on The Hating Game


Lucy has been working for her publishing company for years. She saw her friends laid off in the merger, spending most days having a rivalry with the man brought in from the other company. She spends most days throwing insults at each other until she starts to see a different side to him.

Joshua is the rival employee, he keeps everything organised, and maintains his well-dressed image daily. He is the opposite of Lucy but can keep up with the insults. The new role is easily going to be his with his boss worshipping him. He does bring a different side to himself once the pair start showing their romantic interests. Nothing like what Lucy imagined him to be.

In the supporting roles, we have the two bosses, Helen and Bexley are different two. They both have different ideas for publishing, Helen for the artists and Bexley for the money. The pair will get laughs with their different methods.


Lucy Hale is the leading lady in the movie. She brings the worried self-conscience figure to life who is desperate to be a people pleaser. She has excellent chemistry with Austin, getting laughs when needed and bringing the emotional levels.

Austin Stowell is great in his role too, with the image of a womaniser. Only to show a more sensitive side when he gets closer to Lucy. He will bring laughs when needed and handle the series side too.

In the supporting roles, we get the cast that gets laughs along the way. it will give the breaks needed as the moments will break up the fights between the leading pair.


The story follows two rivalling co-workers who start seeing the fights turn into romance. This leads to the pair sharing their feelings while they fight over a new job role. Where the movie will show how the fine line between love and hate unfolds.

The story does bring the romantic comedy concept to life, showing that you never know who someone is before you spend time getting to know them. With the bickering between the two coming off very well, feeling like natural banter. The deeper side of the two shows how they are both lonely in life, despite offering a different person on the surface.

One of the movies you could easily compare this to would be ‘The Proposal’. It has the same relationship between a couple that slowly changes over time.


The Hating Game is a romantic comedy that is filled with laughs from the banter between the pair. the insults flow well between the two, as they give as good as they get. Romance is more about getting to know someone before judging them too much.

Where to Watch: Signature Entertainment presents The Hating Game on Digital Platforms on 15th August

Final ThoughtsThe Hating Game is an entertaining romantic comedy with excellent chemistry between Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell.

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