The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


The concluding part of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman franchise. Eight years have pasted since the events of the Dark Knight and on Harvey Dent day a storm gets put into action.

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is know house bound and doesn’t dawn the black cape any more, organised crime has been wiped out and the Batman is still hunted by the police. After Selina (Anne Hathaway) tries to steal something off Bruce, Bruce comes out of his whole to make some public appearances.

After Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) is caught in the sewers and taken to Bane (Tom Hardy) who has been building an army under Gotham City. Beaten he escapes with his life but only just.

Enter John Blake (Joseph Gordon Levitt) a young detective who knows who the Batman is and visits him hoping he can help find Bane and stop him before it is too late.

Can Batman stop his biggest and most dangerous rival before it is too late?

Simply put this  an epic and the sort of film you would expect to see from Christopher Nolan. He uses both of the first two to create a fitting conclusion to his saga. Granted it would have been nicer to see more of Batman in the film but in his absence John Blake shines and is easily the most likeable character in this film. the inclusion of Selina is one thing i question as she doesn’t really add too much to the overall story. Then there is Bane a brilliant calculated terrorist who shines as he takes down Gotham. The story adds a few twists which will add a few surprises.

My rating 93%

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