Real Steel (2011)

In the near future where boxing has been replaced by robot boxing. We meet Charlie (Hugh Jackman) a man who just wants to make money, which includes taking one of his robots to fight at a circus to fight a bull, unsuccessfully.

Charlie’s world is about to take a big turn when he finds out one of his ex girlfriends has died leaving Charlie with a son Max (Dakota Goyo). Continuing his style of life he sells his son to his aunt (Hope Davis) and her husband (James Rebhorn) but agrees to take him for the summer planning on leaving him with his trainer Bailey (Evangeline Lilly).

After blowing all the money he got on a robot that gets destroyed in a fight Charlie and Max head to a scrap yard to look for parts only for Max to find an early robot he restores and they take on the road.

Can they make a big enough name for themselves and challenge at the very top?

I found the story very much opposite your usual over coming the odds, usually it would be the young character that learns the lesson, but in this the son seems to teach the father more. It is a good bounding story between distant father and son. Some of the robot battles are very nicely put together and offer a very real experience. Overall it is a very enjoyable film that never really challenges the view to over think the story.

My Rating 85% 

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