The Big Wish (2019) Movie Review

ABC Film Challenge – Animation – U – The Big Wish. This is under U because it focuses on the Undead coming to visit.

The Big Wish poster

Director: Carlos Gutierrez Medrano

Writer: Eduardo Ancer, Juan J Medina, Pancho Rodriguez (Screenplay)

Cast: (Voice Talents) Cristina Milizia, Connor Andrade, Dino Andrade, Dani Artaud, Susana Ballesteros, Luis Dubuc, Carlos Rota

Plot: Salma is an orphan who has spent most of her life searching out clues about her parents. One day, she discovers a special book that is filled with stories and sets off onto an adventure with her foster brothers to find her parents.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Big Wish starts when orphan Salma craves learning about her parents. Recruiting her stepbrothers Jorge and Pedro, she keeps getting warnings from adopt mother. Her first attempt goes horribly wrong, with her promising never to try again.

At 16 Salma tries again, with consequences again. Finding herself taken to the other side. Here she meets Morlett, a man that once tried to hide the town from the grim reaper.

Thoughts on The Big Wish

The Big Wish is an animation that feels like it could be an alternative Coco. It follows the desperation to find out the truth about what happened to her parents. Needing to learn about the mystery about the history of the town.

It will have the message about loving the family you have. With the day of the dead traditions offering the chance to respect those who raised you. It looks to challenge the concept of eternal life, versus a lifetime of memories. Giving everything you want from the magical side of the day of the dead celebration. With some fun side characters going on through the journey.

Final Thoughts The Big Wish is a fun animated movie, with a deeper meaning.

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