Infrared (2022) Movie Review


Infrared – Found Footage for Beginners

Director: Robert Livings, Randy Nundlall Jr.

Writer: Robert Livings, Randy Nundlall Jr. (Screenplay)

Cast: Greg Sestero, Jesse Janzen, Leah Finity, Ariel Ryan, Samantha Laurenti, Nicole Berry

Plot: A paranormal investigator and his production crew gain access to a mysterious, abandoned school. But when the thrilling haunt turns deadly, the team must race to uncover the terrifying truth before they become the school’s next victims.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Infrared starts we ambitious paranormal investigator Wes (Janzen) gets his first show. His producer has brought in Wes’s sister Izzy (Finity). She has a different approach to handling the paranormal, which has caused tension before.

The pair get to investigate an abandoned school. One with a tragic history and one nobody has dealt with before. As they explore the dark corridors, they learn of the evil within the walls.

Thoughts on Infrared

Characters & Performances

Wes is dreaming of becoming a paranormal investigator hunting. His latest attempt is this show. Needing to learn to work with his sister on the show. His attitude towards the paranormal has been more showman than respectful.

Izzy is the sister that uses her gifts to help people find peace. Wanting to rebuild the relationship with her brother, she agrees to appear in the show. She suffers the most through the night, with her gifts taking over.

The two together work well in the investigation. Trying to support the hunt for the unexplained. The cameraman has a friendship, and the producer is trying to make something unique.

When it comes to the performances. They are the typical ones you would come to expect in the found footage films. Nobody really shines in this movie.


The story follows an aspiring paranormal investigator who is getting his first show. Footage found comes from the first show, where something goes wrong. We watch through how the footage came together for the hunters and what went wrong.

When it comes to paranormal investigators found footage movies. We always need to ask one question? Was it right to continue recording? The answer here is yes, with the story developing a reason to continue. Playing into the bigger picture, even if things don’t get to the intensity it could have. Nothing comes off original in the investigating side of things. The outcome does have a fresh feeling though, being the strongest part of the film.


Infrared is a found footage horror movie. Being found footage, we know most of the incidents are going on away from the camera. Not giving us many effective moments, in the horror sense. This relies on the smart twist in the story. Trying to make out this is the lost footage of the show.

Final ThoughtsInfrared is a by-the-book found footage film.

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