Teddy Told Me To (2022) Movie Review


Teddy Told Me To – Movie Review

Director: Tom Devlin

Writer: Vincent Cusimano, Lola Devlin (Screenplay)


Plot: When Danny and Zoe decide to buy an old defunct haunted attraction, they think they’ll just have fun and make some money. After meeting with the Realtor Jan, and the groundskeeper Ron, they learn that the property has a bloody past. They audition and hire a full cast of haunt actors who work together to bring the old haunt back from the dead.

Runtime: 1 Hout 19 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Teddy Told Me To starts when Danny (Hansson) and Zoe (Cole) buy an old haunted attraction. They plan on reopening as a Haunt, hiring local performers to help out. As their plan comes together, they learn a disturbing history of the location as a young man named Teddy killed there before.

When the Haunt opens, they find big crowds but the night turns into a nightmare. Teddy has returned to continue his killing spree leaving bodies across the whole attraction.

Verdict on Teddy Told Me To

Teddy Told Me To is a horror movie that uses the haunted house concept to bring a new serial killer to life. It follows a couple that buys an old abandoned haunted attraction. They look to opening it up as a new Haunt despite the history of a mysterious serial killer being around it.

We have seen plenty of haunted attraction movies over the years. We get to see the team put in place usually comprised of colourful characters who love horror. This movie does that and makes us see the passion on joy the team has. Where the movie looks to create something outside the normal, is with the legacy of the building. We hear about a serial killer connected to it, one that has a unique creation and a deadly mindset.

In the end, Teddy Told Me To does everything a haunted attraction movie should. It has great kills, blood splatter and unique weapons in play. We get fun characters that truly feel involved in the world. Leaving you to have a good time watching the movie.

Final Thoughts Teddy Told Me To is a fun addition to the haunted attraction horror scene.

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