Lonesome (2022) Movie Review


Lonesome – Movie Review

Director: Craig Boreham

Writer: Craig Boreham (Screenplay)


  • Josh Lavery
  • Daniel Gabriel
  • Anni Finsterer (Queen of the Damned)
  • Ian Roberts (Superman Returns)
  • All Morgan

Plot: Casey, a country lad running from a small-town scandal, finds himself down and out in big city Sydney. When he meets city lad Tib both men find something they have been missing but neither of them knows quite how to negotiate it.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Lonesome starts as we meet country lad Casey (Lavery) who finds himself in Sydney. Not used to the big city, he finds himself meeting Tib (Gabriel) as the pair become lovers. The pair find themselves working in the community as Casey learns to adapt to the big city.

When Casey’s past starts to catch up with him, he finds himself in a much more dangerous world of meeting men. This becomes much more dangerous than Casey was ever willing to expect.

Verdict on Lonesome

Lonesome is a raw drama following a young gay man trying to make a life in the big city. He meets another man and gets involved in a much bigger world of sex, while running from his past.

This is a movie that doesn’t hold back on everything going on. It jumps head first into the sexual world Casey find himself in. There is a lot of sex in this movie, which seems to compensate for the lack of a deeper story. This wants to give us a lost love story following two people that should be together,  but it ends up not really connecting in a romantic way.

Final Thoughts Lonesome is a sex-heavy romantic drama.

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