Star Focus – Emily Kinney


Emily Kinney

Age: 19

Number of Roles: 12

Biggest Role: Beth – The Walking Dead

Debut Film: It’s Complicated

Early Career: Only breaking into the world of acting in 2007 with short films and small television roles Emily highlight of the first few years would be the guest appearance in ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’.

Television Roles:

  • The Gamekillers (2007)
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2008)
  • The Unusuals (2009)
  • The Good Wife (2010)
  • The Big C (2011) 3 Episodes
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2012)
  • The Following (2014)
  • The Walking Dead (2011-2015) 5 Episodes

Break Out Role: Beth in The Walking Dead

2010 Onwards: Emily continued with television roles and only starring in one film ‘Concussion’ which was only a small role. In 2011 she got cast as one of Hershel’s daughter in The Walking Dead. It is unfair to look at just her acting and not to mentions the fact she is trying to start a career in singing which would explain the limited number of acting roles and the singing opportunities she gets in The Walking Dead.

My Favourite Role:

Season 4 and onwards Beth The Walking Dead – Once things start to look calm in the prison Beth steps up spending a lot of time caring for baby Judith but also gets a small romance which well lasted one episode. After the prison attack she gets lost outside the prison with Daryl. This leads to a unique pairing as they were complete opposites this leads her to learn more about survival and Daryl to be more open. Even though many people disliked the drinking episode it helps us like Beth more as she feel like the group now. She may have been kidnapped in the closing episodes of season 4 but her solo episode in season five has shown how far the character has come. She also has a habit of showing of her singing abilities which sometimes brings a lighter side to the goings on.

My Least Favourite Role:

Season 2 – Season 3 Beth – The Walking Dead. Beth starts off in season two without saying much and eventually trying to kill herself, she came off as baggage which the group didn’t need. When season 3 started many people thought she would be the first to die because of her lack of involvement in season 2 but too many people’s surprise she made it and become the babysitter while Rick and Carl grieve the loss of Lori. Even throughout season 3 she doesn’t have too much involvement and the only highlight is the moment of singing.

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