Star Focus – Chandler Riggs


Chandler Riggs

Age: 15

Number of Roles: 9

Biggest Role: The Walking Dead

Debut Role: Get Low (2009)

Early Career: Being such a young star Chandler hasn’t got many chances yet. With his first film role he got small part in ‘Get Low’ opposite with Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray. This was his only role before getting the role in The Walking Dead. Other than that he has only one other complete work called ‘Mercy’.

Television Roles:

  • The Walking Dead (2010 – 2015) 67 Episodes

Break Out Role: The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes. Carl is our heroes Rick Grimes’ son, he starts off being very annoying getting in the way and causing to him to actually getting shot in the beginning of season 2. Once season 3 starts Carl character evolves into becoming one of the most interesting ones as he learns to grow up this includes having to put his own mother out her misery of becoming a Walker. He has done a couple of questionable but his bounding with Michonne has made both characters much more interesting.

Carl – The Walking Dead

Next Big Role: Home Invasion

My Favourite Role: The Walking Dead

My Least Favourite Role: Have only seen one but I am not sure what to make of Mercy

Films I Want to See That I Haven’t Seen: Home Invasion

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