Smackdown Recap – August 5th 2022

Smackdown Recap

The show kicks off with Pat McAfee talking about and analysing how he kicked Happy Corbin in the balls for the win. Leading to the locker room laughing at Happy Corbin. Ricochet steps up to challenge him tonight.

Match 1 – Ricochet vs Happy Corbin

The match starts fast playing into Ricochet’s skills, high flying moments until Corbin slows everything down if a massive clothesline. In the match we go between power and speed, with Corbin’s obsession with Pat McAfee causing him to get distracted.

Winner – Ricochet

Next Up Sami Zayn comes to see the Bloodline to congratulate them and explain why he wasn’t around for Summerslam, getting rejected by the Usos.

Match 2 – Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ludwig Kaiser

If Nakamura beats Ludwig, he will get to face Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. In a solid back—forth, Nakamura picks up the win to become the number one contender.

Winner – Nakamura

A dream match next week on Smackdown, Shinsuke Nakamura vs Gunther.

Time for a flashback to the Viking Raiders and New Day clashing over the last few weeks, as the Raiders left Xavier Woods injured, leaving Kofi Kingston on his own to address the Raiders.

Sami Zayn continues to try to get in contact with Roman, with the Usos sending him on jobs they claim Paul Heyman usually does.

Liv Morgan is up next to address the controversial finish to her match with Ronda Rousey. The fans start to turn on Liv because of the ending of the match, booing her, in a shocking turn of events, claiming she only tapped after she thought the pinfall has been counted.

This leads into the next match, the women’s gauntlet match to see who faces Liv Morgan at Clash at the Castle.

Match 3 – Women’s Gauntlet Match

Sonya Deville vs Aaliyah in a short first-round match, Sonya Deville knocks out Aaliyah.

Raquel Rodriguez enters next, straight into dominating performance against Sonya. Until Sonya slows it down to her pace.

The crowd continue to give mixed responses to Liv and ringside, including calling out her Tapping Out, Ronda Rousey and supportive Liv Morgan chants.

Raquel Rodriguez advances to the next match against Shotzi, where Raquel gets the elimination before Xia Li enters next. Despite a dominant series of strikes from Xia Li, Raquel eliminates her too. Natalya is next, looking to use her experience to finish off Raquel. Raquel continues to overcome the odds, but last up is the dangerous Shanya Baszler. For a gauntlet match, this was a lot shorter than we usually see, not giving the talent enough time to shine.

Winner – Shayna Baszler

Sami continues to try and see Roman when the Usos send him away again, unless he starts pulling his weight in the group.

Match 4 – The Viking Raiders vs Two local talents

The Viking Raiders dominate the young team, showing the ruthless nature they have returned with.

Winners – The Viking Raiders

Post-Match, Kofi Kingston launches an attack on the Raiders, standing tall with a kendo stick.

Match 5 – Kofi Kingston vs Erik

In another power vs speed match, this lets Erik show more powerful moves than in recent months but a distraction from Ivar, lets Erik back in the match before Kofi gets a quick roll-up victory.

Winner – Kofi Kingston

The Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament starts on Monday Night Raw

Closing the show, Roman Reigns makes his presence known to address his upcoming match with Drew McIntyre. In the typical victory speech that gets interrupted by Drew McIntyre, who wants to fight now, only to get interrupted by Karrion Kross. Beating down Drew and living the hourglass with Roman Reigns.

Triple H continues to start making his early statement by pushing the talent who set his NXT to light and a returning Karrion Kross straight into the main event picture is massive.

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