Smackdown Recap – 19th August


Smackdown Recap 19th August 2022

Live from Montreal

Ronda Rousey comes through the crowd again demanding to have her suspension lifted. Adam Pearce tries to talk her down, but Ronda choose violence before she gets arrested. As Ronda leaves with the police, Roman Reigns arrives.

Match One – Natalya & Sonya Deville vs. Toxic Attraction (Gigi Golin & Jacy Jayne)

The late replacements from NXT, the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky are in the front row to watch. In what looked like a scruffy match sees Toxic Attraction advance.

Winners – Toxic Attraction

Roman has requested Sami Zayn to visit him ahead of his fatal five-way for a chance at the Intercontinental Title. Sami unleashes his frustration at Jey’s attitude, questioning whether he had been carrying his weight. The Usos aren’t going to be at the show tonight, with Roman encouraging Sami to get the match won and complete the gold in the Bloodline. Sending a message that Roman doesn’t owe Kevin Owens anything, after his brutal fight with Drew McIntyre on Raw.

Maximum Male Models gets interrupted by Hit Row, Hit Row quickly clears the ring, before an exclusive musical performance.

A video package for Karrion Kross and Scarlett is shown, where they question why Drew McIntyre questions his position as a chosen one.

Match Two – Madcap Moss vs Sheamus vs Happy Corbin vs Ricochet vs Sami Zayn (Number one contender match for Intercontinental Championship at Clash at the Castle)

Sami is given a hero’s welcome by his home crowd. Like most fatal five-way matches, it is all action, where everyone involved gets to shine. Sami Zayn does get taken out of the match after injury, letting the four unleash everything. Sami does return to a massive reaction, but his injury gets to him. Sheamus picks up the victory with the pin over Happy Corbin.

Winner – Sheamus

Gunther vs Sheamus at Clash at the Castle, wow, watch a match we have in store.

The Viking Funeral is up next, as the Viking Raiders say goodbye to the New Day, in a video format. They show their respect for the New Day and promise to become the New Viking Day.

Match Three – Liv Morgan vs Shotzi

In what is a match Shotzi promises to target the arm, but she never does, as Shotzi gets a lot more offence in before Liv picks up the win.

Winner – Liv Morgan

Post-match, Shayna Bazalar attacks Liv Morgan, teasing the same move she took out numerous talents in NXT. Promising to do the move as she takes the title in Clash at the Castle.

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre have a face-to-face to close the show, Roman comes to this alone. He claims he is the only one who has carried the company and he is the face of the company. This is a simple promo about who is the bigger man, leading to a brawl between the two. As Drew McIntyre stands tall with both titles.

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