Sleep. Walk. Kill. (2021) Movie Review

Sleep. Walk. Kill. – Movie Review


Director: Justin Miller

Writer: Justin Miller (Screenplay)


  • Bill Reick
  • Ellen Boscov
  • Melanie Rosedale
  • Samantha Russell

Plot: In a quiet suburban town, a group of neighbors must survive the night when their friends and family become sleepwalking monsters.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Sleep. Walk. Kill. Starts when an unusual noise echoes around the area. Edgar (Reick) finds his neighbour Lynn (Toll) trying to kill him. Turning to his ex-wife Ady (Russell), they join forces to learn that the world has been infected. If people fall asleep, they will try to kill the people around them.

Edgar joins Ady with other family members in a plan to survive the outbreak. It sees the group holding up in a basement, where tensions rise between them.

Verdict on Sleep. Walk. Kill.

Sleep. Walk. Kill. Is a horror comedy that follows a group of survivors that get caught up in an outbreak that causes people to turn into killers during their sleep. It sees them coming together to battle against the sleepwalkers, needing to find a solution to the situation.

This movie follows the concept of people needing to work together to survive a sudden threat. While we usually play out on pure zombies, this sees people turn into sleepwalking zombies, with only speculation about what caused it. It sees the group slowly getting smaller like you would imagine most of these playing out.

In the end, it is an entertaining horror that keeps us on our toes. It has surprises and a nice spin on the zombie inclusion into the movie.

Final Thoughts Sleep. Walk. Kill. Is a sleepwalking zombie movie that brings a fresh spin to the zombie idea.

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