The Takeover (2022) Movie Review

The Takeover – Movie Review


Director: Annemarie van de Mond

Writer: Hans Erik Kraan, Tijs van Marle (Screenplay)


  • Holly Mae Brood
  • Geza Weisz
  • Frank Lammers
  • Susan Radder
  • Walid Benmbarek

Plot: Framed for murder after uncovering a privacy scandal, an ethical hacker must evade the police while trying to track down the criminals blackmailing her.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Takeover starts when hacker Mel Bandison (Brood) goes after a company with a trojan horse. In the morning, Mel finds herself being questioned before a video emerges of her killing another well-known hacker.

Mel must go on the run with a new friend Thomas (Weisz) turning to her mentor to help her understand what has happened. She must clear her name before becoming the latest victim of the major company covering up their trail.

Verdict on The Takeover

The Takeover is an action thriller following a hacker that gets herself in deeper than she expected. She becomes the prime suspect in the murder of another hacker. This leaves her with the police and criminals hunting her down, leading her to use her connections to escape.

The movie brings us a movie that feels a lot like a blend of ‘Enemy of the States’ and ‘Eagle Eye’. Taking the tropes of a person on the run with both sides chasing them. needing to use their own smarts to escape the situation, while a bigger threat is ongoing.

This is a tidy action thriller, but it doesn’t bring anything fresh to the table. If you are a fan of the genre, you will enjoy the movie. Just don’t expect anything groundbreakingly original.

Where to Watch: The Takeover is available on Netflix.

Final Thoughts The Takeover is an easy-to-watch action thriller.

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