Sinphony (2022) Movie Review

Sinphony: A Clubhouse Horror Anthology – Movie Review


Plot: A horror anthology that explores various aspects of the human condition as each character traverses through tragedies caused by a supernatural entity.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Sinphony: A Clubhouse Horror Anthology

Symphony of Horror (D. Sebastien Bazile, Michael Galvan)

Symphony of Horror follows a couple about to have their first child, only it is nothing like they would imagine. This is the shortest of the stories, with a big involvement in how everything else has unfolded. 3/5

Forever Young (D. Haley Bishop)

Forever Young follows Lauren celebrating her 30th birthday, friends and family around her, warning her she is getting older. Lauren finds herself hating the changes in her friends, from children or house hunting, wanting to recapture her youth once again. This brings new consequences Lauren isn’t prepared for. In what is an interesting spin on horror, we get to see how our own vision of reality can catch up with us. 4/5

Maternally Damned (D. Nichole Carlson)

Maternally Damned follows a newly pregnant woman who is getting the support of her friends. The father was a one-night stand, though Amara is happy to go through this herself. Only not everything goes as smoothly as it should with the baby and Amara learns the truth about what she was carrying.  In what is a twisted tale, it is left to surprise us with what we are left with. 3/5

The Keeper (D. Wes Driver)

The Keeper follows as a family checking into the motel, they are having difficulties with this being a chance to bring things together. When the Innkeeper notices the abuse the son of the family has been through. He wants to help but knows it isn’t his place. Only for not everything to be as clear as the Innkeeper first thought. This is one you are expecting a twist of sorts and it is a killer one. 4/5

Do Us Part (D. Kimberley Elizabeth)

Do Us Part follows as we follow Danny around his home, filled with depression. He is followed around his home by Clara, his ex-partner who still haunts the walls. She is looking for a way to get Danny to join her in the afterlife. This is a fun one, calming the mood despite tackling depression. 4/5

Ear Worm (D. Steven Keller)

Ear Worm follows a father-son team on a clean-up operation. They are working in an abandoned motel, dealing with pests and rubbish in horrendous conditions. There is tension about taking the job and when the son gets infected with something from a dead animal, things take change. In this one, we get creepy moments, but it is over before it gets started. 2/5

Limited Edition (D. Mark A Pritchard)

Limited Edition follows Anna (Stocker) who buys a limited edition vintage electric car, one that turns heads. She meets a stranger who collects moments from history. The unusual connection shows the value of a moment. This is one of the strangest stories in the series, one that could become so much bigger with more time. 3/5

Mother Love (D. Jason Ragosta)

Mother Love follows a mother who receives a phone call as the report of a serial killer known as the Reaper lurks on the streets. She hears a noise and looks to hide her child from being the latest victim, as she investigates. Only not everything is as it seems for the killer. This is a nice start and feels like it could easily be an opening for many slashers. 3/5

Tabitha (D. Jason Wilkinson)

Tabitha follows a young woman Tabitha who has just committed a robbery, she has been wounded and is being haunted by a security guard she killed. This is a story that focuses on the regret of a criminal action. It is a story that we have seen before and this is effective enough for the short story. 3/5

Final ThoughtsSinphony: A Clubhouse Horror Anthology is a nice selection of horrors, only they all feel too short to have the biggest impact.

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