Shapeless (2021) Movie Review

Shapeless – Movie Review


Director: Samantha Aldana

Writer: Bryce Parsons-Twesten (Screenplay)

Writer: Kelly Murtagh (Story)


  • Kelly Murtagh (The Lovebirds)
  • Bobby Gilchrist
  • Jamie Neumann (21 Bridges)
  • Erika Ashley
  • Gralen Bryant Banks (Queen & Slim)

Plot: Ivy, a struggling singer in New Orleans trapped in the hidden underworld of her eating disorder, must face her addiction – or risk becoming a monster.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Shapeless starts as we meet struggling singer Ivy (Murtagh) who performs in New Orleans. Ivy keeps to herself, with her own eating disorder controlling her at night. As the stable parts of her life start falling apart, Ivy starts to see herself unravel.

Ivy continues to spiral out of control, taking on her eating disorder battle alone. This will see her needing to fight for what she loves or face losing everything she worked so hard for.

Verdict on Shapeless

Shapeless follows a young woman who is battling an eating disorder in private while trying to make a career as a singer. This is a strange movie, to say the least, it is trying to put focus on the different battles people go through daily. With the massive point, you would barely realize that Ivy would look like she is suffering on the outside.

There is also a point that people do have certain things that keep them stable in life and if they change, it can cause bigger problems.  It tries to make it seem like a monster is taking over, with some graphic body part appearing moments. Giving us a shocking moment along the way.

Kelly Murtagh is brilliant in the leading role. She shows the troubles her character goes through in private, while not showing the weakness in everyday life.

Final Thoughts Shapeless is a strange and disturbing movie.

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