Scream 4 – Victim List

Scream 4 The Victim List

Scream VI is about to come to the cinema. Meaning one thing, we have a new Ghostface or Ghostfaces. So, before the movie comes out, it is time to look back through the franchise and try to figure out who the killer is in each individual kill in the movie.

We will be doing this one movie at a time and this will include complete spoilers. Once this is complete, I will be ranking my top 10 favourite Ghostface kills in the franchise.

Scream 4

Scream 4

Scream 4 uses another original opening sequence. This time we see two false starts, with a movie in a movie, being watched by the real first victims.

Victim – Jenny & Marine 
Jenny Marnie Scream 4

Kill – Jenny and Marine are watching the movie within a movie, within a movie. The first two residents of Woodsboro to get picked off in the latest rampage. Once Stab 7 has finished, the pair discuss horror movies and the truth behind the Stab movies. Leading to them hearing noises in their home before Ghostface calls them. It starts as a prank before Ghostface appears to chase Jenny around the home, collecting his first two victims. The opening kills get to play heavily into two of the biggest from the original Scream. The phone call attack and the garage door.

Killer – Jill & Charlie – This is a very difficult one to pick out who was behind the killings. Using the minor hint that she wasn’t around to answer phone calls from her ex-boyfriend, makes her the prime suspect. However, the morning phone calls Jill and Olivia receive could suggest Charlie did it and took the phones. It feels like they could have a joint effort here.

Victim – Olivia Morris
Olivia Scream 4

Kill – Olivia is one of Jill’s best friends and neighbours. She is getting ready for bed when Jill gets a phone call warning her that Olivia is next. As she prepares for bed, Jill and Kirby see her getting picked off by Ghostface.

Killer – Charlie – Charlie is the only one who could have committed this, as Jill is watching over and playing along with a prank. She witnesses the murder, taking her off any early suspect list. Jill even takes a bump from Ghostface, trying to take away any suspicion toward her.

Victim – Rebecca Walters
Rebecca Scream 4

Kill – Rebecca is the Public relations connection on Sidney’s press tour. she is looking out for her own career believing the sudden murders will help her career blossom. Rebecca finds herself alone in a parking garage when Ghostface strikes.

Killer – Charlie – I think Charlie is the one behind this, Jill is still getting treated for the injury she received in the last attack and wouldn’t be able to handle the physicality of the attack involved. Add in how her body is thrown from the roof for everyone to see.

Victim – Deputy Perkins and Hoss
Deputy Perkins & Hoss

Kill – The two Deputies are watching over Jill’s house, they must look out for Ghostface. They find themselves getting attacked one by one, giving Ghostface a chance to get into the home.

Killer – Jill – This could only be Jill as Charlie is hosting the Stab-A-Thon party at a different location.

Victim – Kate Roberts
Kate Scream 4

Kill – Kate is Sidney’s Aunt and Jill’s mother. While trying to stop the killer from getting into the home, she finds herself coming under attack from Ghostface.

Killer – Jill – Once again this happens in the same incident as the Deputies, leading to the only possible suggestion being Jill killing her own mother.

Victim – Robbie Mercer
Robbie Scream 4

Kill – Robbie is the joint leader of the film club with Charlie. He films his every move for the YouTube generation and panics when the attacks start happening. Having a couple of drinks outside alone, he finds himself the latest victim of Ghostface.

Killer – Charlie – This is another case where it could be either, Jill is upstairs moments after, and Charlie has just left the room, he could have easily got prepared for this attack and finishes the attack chasing Robbie bumping into Sidney and Jill.

Victim – Trevor Sheldon 
Trevor Scream 4

Kill – Trevor is Jill’s ex-boyfriend, he is trying to rebuild the relationship with her, without much success. When the friends regroup at Kirby’s house, he isn’t prepared for the unwelcome greeting he gets.

Killer – Jill – This is one we see, the unmasked Ghostfaces are planning on framing him as part of their masterplan.

Final Kill Count: 9

Apart from the opening sequence, it seems clear who was behind most of the kills. I have given both a hand in both to give them a more equal total. However, it could swing either way.

Killer Jill – 5

Killer Charlie – 4

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