9 Wild Predictions for Scream 6


9 Wild Predictions for Scream 6

Scream 6 is around the corner and people have been speculating about the movie for months. The news Neve Campbell isn’t returning due to a pay dispute has led to people getting upset. So, I thought I would add my own wild theories to the table. Please note that this is just for fun and I legitimately don’t know anything happening in the movie.

There will be spoilers for the previous Scream movies, so please be aware of this.

9 Wild Predictions for Scream 6

The Meeks Twins Both Die

Let’s start with one of the easiest guesses. In Scream 2, Randy Meeks gets killed off despite being the expert on horror movies. Minday has taken over that role and much like her Uncle, she gets stabbed and survives her first outing. Chad also plays into elements of Randy and also gets stabbed and survives the first film. As this is a soft reboot legacy sequel-style movie, it only makes sense to kill off the Meeks to continue the core element of the movie. Even if losing Mindy will be horrendous for the franchise as the Meeks twins are far more interesting than the Carpenter sisters.

Sidney Gets Killed in the Opening Sequence

Time for a bold choice, the stories about Neve Campbell not returning to the movie have spread like wildfire. It has seen people kicking off as well as bringing a bigger discussion about equal pay to the table. From just the discussion side of things, it is interesting that she expected the highest earning spot. Yes, she is the face of the franchise. However, in Scream 2022, she only has one sequence with Ghostface with the new cast doing most of the battling with the character.

If we look outside of this, we can see a bigger story that maybe the shock death in the opening sequence is Sidney. This is even mentioned that the ‘Stab’ movies about how Sidney isn’t in the last one. We have seen a returning character killed off before and there is a firm belief that the three movies will see the three legacy characters killed off one by one. This would be one of the most shocking decisions in the franchise and one that would bring a massive debate online. Something the previous movie wanted to spark up.

Gale Weathers Gets Kill Off

If Sidney isn’t the surprise death, Gale seems like the next logical pick. The trailers have hinted heavily that she will have a lot of interaction with Ghostface. It feels like whoever the killer is will have done a lot of research on everyone. This is much like the theory behind Sidney, we will see the legacy characters killed off. It would also follow the Star Wars styles where we saw Han Solo and the Skywalkers killed off one movie at a time.

There will be 3 Killers

The Scream franchise has always targeted having two killers. Even in Scream 3 the reveal of only one killer. It has been heavily reported that director Wes Craven had planned two killers but due to the Columbine Shooting, the producers pulled the decision. However, the movie continues to tease that one of the other characters faked their death.

In Scream 6 everything seems a lot more chaotic with Ghostface killing random people. This isn’t a spoiler, it is in the trailer showing us the opening of the grocery store sequence. It would mark the first time Ghostface has killed people outside of their targets. For the movie to be this chaotic, it would only add to the chaos by having a third killer.

The Killer has a Connection to Cotton Weary

Most of the internet is determined to see Stu return as the killer. Now without Sidney returning it would make zero sense for him to be the killer in this movie. He could return in the third movie, which is a different discussion.

If we return to Cotton, we know he was a womanizer, because of his affair with Sidney’s mum. We know he went to jail for her murder before being released and after being released he always was portrayed as a selfish figure. Cotton could have easily had children with other women and now they want to get revenge on the people who took their father from them. This would also explain putting a firmer spotlight on Gale for this movie, as she profited from Cotton’s involvement the most.

Tara’s Dad is the Killer

One of the biggest plot twists in Scream 2022 is that Sam is in fact Billy Loomis’ daughter. It was the reason why Tara’s father left, as he believed he was Sam’s father too. There is no mention other than that of him and it is the reason why Sam left town. It would make sense that Tara’s father left town too and now he wants to kill the women that ruined his perfect family.

It might be a stretch, but we have seen broken families being drawn to the Ghostface figure in the past. Scream 3 and Scream 4 used family members as the main drive for the killer. This could offer us another dive into this world.

Kirby is the Killer

Kirby did in fact survive Scream 4, a little detail we only get a mention of in Scream 2022. In the trailer, we see somebody who has created a Ghostface shrine museum. This could be Kirby and a lot like how Jigsaw gave us a similar twist about somebody obsessed with Jigsaw. Kirby could well be the one hosting the museum with her own research and love for horror translating to real life. We know her life was ruined because of Ghostface so she could become the person behind the next wave of killings.

The Largest Body Count Than the Franchise Combined

Scream 2022 had a surprisingly low body count if you exclude Ghostface’s deaths. There were only 6 deaths (Vince, Liv, Judy, Wes, Dewey and a random nurse). The previous movies have usually increased as the franchise rolled on. Scream had 5, Scream 2 had 8, Scream 3 had 9 and Scream 4 had 9, 13 if you count the Stab movies.

The fact Ghostface is running around New York and the trailer already shows them killing random people, we could easily get the biggest kill count and one that could get into the 30 plus. This would be a potential record for a slasher film, which is needed to make it stand out. It would also explain why we are having the New York setting.

Scream 6 is a Reboot of the Stab Franchise

Now for the wildest selection so far. What is the whole movie is designed to be a reboot of the Stab franchise within the Scream Universe. It would mean taking the survivors and turning their stories into a new killer battle. One that has seen returning characters. This would continue to play into the debate created in Scream 2022 and frustrate the fans. It would be hugely controversial, but it could work to make people angry on a new level.

What are some of your wild predictions for Scream 6?

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