Root of the Problem (2019) Movie Review

Director: Scott Corban Sikma

Writer: Francis Damberger, Joanne Sikma (Screenplay)

Starring: Claire Rankin, Sergio Di Zio, Chantal Perron, Jayson Therrien, Leslie Benn, Dwight Layne

Plot: Root of the Problem is an inspirational family drama. Sometimes it takes life’s darkest moment to bring you to the brightest light.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Charming & Enjoyable

Story: Root of the Problem starts when real-estate agent Paul (Di Zio) and his wife Grace (Rankin) learn that her uncle has passed away, leaving them with two things, a plant and to spread his ashes at the children’s camp.

Paul does feel like his family got shafted, that is until he makes a discovery about the plant, it is a money tree, he does keep this a secret from the rest of the family, wanting to use the money to improve his own image, even giving for the first time in his life, but how long will this last?

Thoughts on Root of the Problem

Characters – Paul Campbell is a money tight real-estate agent, he does make the most sales, only he keeps the finances tight for the family, believing his wife will get a big inheritance, he is left disappointed by only receiving a plant. When Paul discovers the plant is a money plant, he keeps the money for himself, showing his selfish side, investing in whatever he wants, giving people around him gifts he would never normally give them. He needs to learn a lesson or face being left with nothing. Grace is Paul’s wife, she cared for her late Uncle and was never bothered with the inheritance, she does like some of the changes Paul is making only when things get out of hand, she doesn’t like his crazy spending. Jack Mitchel is one of the co-workers of Paul’s, Paul takes him under his wing to try and help him make more sales, only for a price. Detective Miller gets a heads up from his recent spending, she starts to see where the money might have come from, not believing he could have spent this much so suddenly.

PerformancesSergio Di Zio in the leading role is great, he does show us what sudden greed can bring to someone, he shows the over confidence and insecurity his character is going through with the newfound money. Claire Rankin as the wife that is getting tired of the behaviour of her husband, showing the reaction of someone getting out of control. Chantal Perron and Jayson Therrien complete the main cast giving us the characters that will reflect Paul’s new life.

StoryThe story here follows a selfish real-estate agent that discovers an inheritance he receives grants him money, an endless source of money that he must learn about the consequences of being reckless with his behaviour when it comes to spending. This is a story that does show us the cost of secrets and greed, showing us that just because you get money, you shouldn’t ignore the people you love around you for your own benefit. This is a story the is about learning to be more giving to the world, look out for other people not just yourself. We have a nice redemption look at life, showing people can always improve themselves no matter what mistakes they have made in the past.

SettingsThe film brings the home setting for Paul, showing he does have everything he needs here before receiving the tree, we get the message from the settings that home is what you build together, not what you put in the location.

Scene of the Movie – Car deal.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – I am no medical expert, but should they have moved the person?

Final Thoughts This is a nice drama about learning about giving in life, rather than just becoming obsessed with greed in life.

Overall: Enjoyable Drama

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