Roadkill (2022) Movie Review


Roadkill – Movie Review

Director: Alexander Whitrow

Writer: Alexander Whitrow (Screenplay)


Plot: A thief operating along the highways of rural Australia gets caught in the crossfires of an ongoing police investigation after he mugs a serial killer.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes 

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Roadkill starts when highway thief Connor Shelby (Whitrow) starts drawing the police’s attention. However, Detective Albert (Bell) and Detective Ernest (Strauts) are focusing more on a mysterious serial killer.

When Connor’s latest target is the serial killer (Boyd) himself, Connor finds himself the target of the killer. However, the police believe Connor could be the serial killer and he must figure out how to escape this position.

Verdict on Roadkill

Roadkill is an action thriller following a highway thief that gets tangled up in a battle with a serial killer and the police. It sees the thief finding himself becoming the prime suspect in the serial killing case and needing to track down the killer that has framed him.

This is an interesting action thriller, having the three parties trying to stay one step ahead of each other. It shows us how a small crime can turn into a more deadly one. The movie uses the Australian Outback as the main setting, showing how easily people could go into hiding. It keeps us guessing as to what the next twist in the story will be, as all sides want to get things finished quickly. This gets everything right for the concept, however, it would have been interesting to see more of Connor’s life and the reports of his actions.

Where to Watch: Roadkill is available on UK digital on 29 May 2023.

Final Thoughts Roadkill is a great thriller with a three-way cat-n-mouse chase.

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