Retreat (2011)

Director: Carl Tibbetts

Writer: Janice Hallett, Carl Tibbetts

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Jamie Bell, Thandie Newton


Story Kate (Newton) and Martin (Murphy) escape from a personal tragedy by visiting an island retreat, all alone on this island. With their marriage seemingly failing apart the two are put to the test when a strange man finds them. Jack (Bell) exhausted is found passed out but the couple can’t reach the main land for help. Once Jack awakes he tells them about a virus which has swept across Europe.


After telling the news the Martin and Kate, Jack sets out to board up the house so no one can get in or out. With the night upon them Jack sees and hears people outside and the three set up guard duties to protect the house. Will they make it through the situation?


Verdict With a strong cast and a very simple idea this psychological thriller should be a nice addition to the genre. And it is holding the audience in from start to finish with twists slowly unfolding as the story continues. If you a fan of this genre you should definitely check this one out even though it bares some ideas from different movies.

Story Mark 8/10 Good story that will keep you interested from start to finish.

Horror Mark 8/10 Very thrilling more than scary but edge of your seat stuff

Star Performances All three perform well but it’s Jamie Bell who takes the extra star performance rating for me.

Favourite Character Jack you just don’t know which part of the story he tells is the truth.

Best Part The final scene

Worst Part  I guess you could say that some of the story is not original

Similar Too –  Right At Your Door, Straw Dogs, Wilderness 

My Rating  81%


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