Red Factions: Origins (TV Movie) (2011)

posterDirector: Michael Nankin

Writer: Andrew Kreisberg (Screenplay) Danny Bilson, Paul De Meo (Story)

Starring: Brian J. Smith, Danielle Nicolet, Kate Vernon, Tamzin Merchant, Devon Graye, Gordon Kennedy, Gareth David-Lloyd, Tamer Hassan, Robert Patrick


Story: On Mars in the year 2145 there is two factions, The Colonist and The Marauders. With both being rivals but not at war when Alec Mason (Patrick) marries a marauder certain frowns are shown leading to some murdering Alec’s wife and daughter Lyra. His son Jake (Smith) gets away and becomes part of the military. On a routine mission Jake sees an unknown enemy which to his astonishment one of the soldiers is his long lost sister Lyra (Merchant). With no one believing him can he prove she is still alive and bring her home.


Verdict: You see the term based on a video game and you simply have to think will this be another poor attempt at turning a favourite game into a film. It would be fair to say if this was a game it wouldn’t be very interesting, but this is a sequel to the game trying to show how the character become who they are in the game. The acting doesn’t add anything to this and is not of any good standard with a complete mix of accents which in the world created should all be similar. The story itself is actually a positive for this film but in truth this would be some form of let down for all the games fans maybe they could have taken a page out of the Resident Evil series and make an animated film to get the characters over more.


Action: A few fights but nothing stands out (6/10)

Sci-Fi: For a future film this doesn’t look too much like anything has changed (6/10)

Special Effects: again no uses of any special effects that make you look twice (4/10)

Suggestion: This was quite poor for a movie and only a real select audience would be interested in this. I personally watched because I do like to see how video games turn into film be it good or bad. If you do too then I would say give it a watch. (5/10)


Star Performance:  No one does anything to make you go well that was good this person could go onto bigger things.

Favourite Character:  Corvallis (Kennedy) funny lines and against his kinds beliefs


Poor Performance:  Where do I start I will go with Brian J Smith as he tries to hard without being believable in the role


Least Favourite Character: Lyra Dull character that is also typical misled heroine


Best Part: Jake introduction as it makes it look like he is going to be some form of bad ass.

Worst Part: The fact he isn’t and the rest of the film


Similar Too: Far Cry, Alone In The Dark, Doom


Overall: Video game adaptions that continues the trend of falling flat of the games character and atmosphere created.

Rating 47%

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