Pitch Perfect (2012)

posterDirector: Jason Moore

Writer: Kay Cannon (Screenplay) Mickey Rapkin (Novel)

Starring: Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson


Story: At Barden University there are two a cappella singing groups one lead by Bumper (Adam DeVine) who wins all the trophies. While the other The Bellas struggle to make an impact, largely because Aubrey (Camp) refusing to change the style the group plays. When freshman Beca (Kendrick) joins the University she has a dream to make it big in the music industry as a DJ. After being heard sing she is talk into joining the Bellas. Beca joins a group of new girls all trying to help the Bellas take the title for the University before taking state and national titles, but will the rivalry within the Bellas stop them from getting to that level.


Verdict: let’s face it the all singing style of entertainment is almost dominated by Glee and this film uses that audience to pull people in. This all singing and all dancing works very well, using a complete range of music, from past to present. Keeping the story focus on the competition between the two groups doesn’t come off too well as it comes of that the Bellas are more determined to beat the other because they know they are better and see no competition from the Bellas.


Comedy: A good light hearted comedy set throughout the film with the commentators and the competitions having some of the best dry wit lines (9/10)

Romance: A small romantic story between Beca and Jesse (Astin) which works nice and the use of the music works well combine the two (8/10)

Music: A great mix of songs all sung with a small twist (10/10)

Suggestion: Most films with music are hard sell to people especially with a lot of people frowning on the likes of Glee. If you can push that to one side this can be put down to a simple competition film much like Bring It On, so if you are a fan of this type of film you will enjoy this is and off course if you like singing musical based films you will also like this film, (8/10)


Star Performance:  Anna Kendrick – strong lead proving she is a young actress who continues to shine.beca

Favourite Character:  Fat Amy (Wilson) – she is a scene stealer with all her action and witty remarks

 fat amy

Best Part: The Street singing battle

street dance

Worst Part: The over use of a vomit scene


Favourite Quote: Fat Amy ‘I’m gonna kill him! I’m gonna finish him like a cheesecake!’


Similar Too: Bring It On, Glee


Overall: A good all singing film that will show you the art of competition in a lesser known event

Rating 82%

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