Raw Recap – August 8th 2022


Raw Recap

Live from Cleveland, Ohio

Tonight, we have the US Title match between Bobby Lashley and Ciampa. The Women’s Tag Team Champion Tournament starts.

Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky open the show by revealing what they have returned for. They have come to put the hunger back into the women’s division. Asking why Bianca Belair is so popular and why Becky has been playing dress-up. This leads to Bayley getting so wound up, that Dakota Kai must calm her down.

Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka interrupt wanting to continue to the fight between the six, setting up a match for Clash at the Castle, leading to a massive brawl between the six.

Match One – Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins vs Angelo Dawkins

Angelo is out to get revenge after Seth tried to injure Montez Ford last week, as the pair bring the smoke. Angelo and Seth put on a great match, which will see Rollins getting Montez Ford thrown out of ringside. The match will see Dawkins constantly find a way to avoid the stop, before losing to the pedigree.

Winner – Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins

We get a recap of Edge and the Judgement Day with the accident that saw Edge speared Dominik Mysterio, last week on Raw. This sees Edge apologies, with Rey accepting it and Dominik not being as accepting, questioning why Rey accepted it.

An advert for Smackdown, hyping the Karrion Kross return and the IC title match between Gunther and Nakamura.

Returning to Raw, The Miz and Ciampa are interviewed backstage, with the Miz hyping up Ciampa. Ciampa reveals he was trained by the first-ever US champion Harley Race, dedicating his win to him.

Match Two – Ezekiel vs Kevin Owens

Two guys we haven’t seen in a long time looking like they are about to blow off a tired feud, with Owens getting a massive ovation.

Owens doesn’t take long to launch his assault, throwing Ezekiel around, and hitting his side of the ring powerbomb. This quickly leads to medical treatment and Owens just laughs it off. The returning of the ruthless Kevin Owens, the original NXT one that beat people up.

No Contest.

Next Judgement Day has arrived, Finn Balor and Damien Priest.

Match Three – Finn Balor vs Rey Mysterio

This might well be a match we have seen before, but the unsettled Domink Mysterio adds something to the match. The pair send their warning to Edge and Rey, with Damien Priest challenging Edge to a match in Toronto in two weeks’ time.

We have two of the very best in the ring, with Balor and Rey, that sees a ref bump seeing Edge clear out Damien Priest. Rhea creates the distraction by bringing a beaten-down Dominik Mysterio out, letting Balor get the three count.

Winner – Finn Balor

The look at the Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament, which exposes the open field of 8 teams with 7 that have barely ever been a team before.

Match Four – Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky vs Tamina & Dana Brooke

In the first match in the women’s tag team tournament, Bayley’s new faction gets to show themselves off in the ring as a tag team on Raw. In a match that felt a little closer than it should be Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai find Tamina and Dana hard to control. With Tamina showing her power for the first time in a long time.

Winners – Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky

Recap of Kevin Owen’s assault, Owens sends a message to everyone watching that he means business and delivers a warning. We also get a recap of Judgement Day’s plan, seeing how Dominik is.

There is a video package looking back at the United States Championship, making it look like one of the most important titles in the business, looking at the biggest names and Hall of Famers who have held the title in the past.

Match Five – United States Championship Bobby Lashley © vs Ciampa

In the first time ever match and Ciampa’s biggest chance on the main roster. Lashley uses his power to gain control early on, but The Miz offers a distraction to let Ciampa back in the match. The Miz continues to help Ciampa stay in the match, by placing his foot on the rope, before AJ Styles chases him out of the arena. Ciampa tries to take advantage of the exposed turnbuckle for an enormous 2 count. The power of Bobby Lashley puts him in control, to overcome an impressive Ciampa.

Winner – Bobby Lashley

The Miz vs AJ Styles no disqualification match is set for later in the show.

Omos is back for a two-on-one handicap match.

Match Six – Omos vs Andrea Guercio & Spencer Slade

Omos is given this squash match to show off his power against two local talents. This might well be the best Omos has looked on the main roster, dominate.

Winner – Omos

An exclusive interview with Riddle is up next week, but before that Seth Rollins lets us about how he is finished with Riddle, poking fun at how Riddle lacks intensity in a promo, declaring himself the gatekeeper for the industry.

Match Seven – Chad Gable vs Dolph Ziggler

In a match between two of the best amateur wrestlers in the company. In this match, we get to see the great reversal ability the pair have, with Chad going after the ankle lock. The reversals playoff when Dolph eventually manages to hit the superkick for the win.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Promos to promote the next week’s match between Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs Nikki ASH and Doudrop.

Match Eight – AJ Styles vs The Miz (No Disqualification Match)

AJ Styles has been finding himself suffering at the other end of the Miz for weeks now, he gets his hands on the A-Lister. In a physical match between the pair, AJ gets to play out what the crowd want, beating up the Miz. Ciampa returns to help the Miz, which lets Miz recover, as AJ Styles puts Ciampa through the table. Despite the help from Ciampa, AJ Style regains control of the match for the win.

Winner – AJ Styles

In the background of AJ Styles’s victory, Dexter Lumis is seen being taken away by security.

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