Racetime (2018) Movie Review

ABC Film Challenge – Animation – R – Racetime (2018)

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Director: Benoit Godbout, Jean-Francois Pouliot, Francois Brisson

Writer: Claude Landry, Maxime Landry, Paul Risacher, Lienne Sawatsky, Daniel Williams (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Lucinda Davis, Dawn Ford, Don W Shepherd, Tod Fennell, Angela Galuppo, Sonja Ball

Plot: Ready, Set, Snow. Frankie and Sophie challenge newcomers Zac and Charlie to an epic sled race, only to break down right before the finish line. Convinced that Zac cheated, Frankie demands a rematch and raises the stakes by betting his team’s clubhouse. Frankie and the gang build a spectacular new race track and the stage is set for the biggest race of the season.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Racetime starts as we meet a community of young snow sled racers. Frankie being the best designer and Sophie being the best driver. They have a clubhouse which will see all the kids in the community come together for entertainment to make and compete friendly with each other.

When new kids Zac and Charlie arrive in town, they get challenged by Frankie and much to Frankie’s surprise. Winning leaving Frankie investigating what happened, believing Zac cheated. Frankie challenges Zac to another race, one with bigger stakes, the clubhouse.

Thoughts on Racetime


Frankie spends his time designing sleds to use in races, he prides himself on being the best working with the community, even with his short temper. His competitive side will always get the best of him, putting his friendships on the line.

Zac is the new kid in town that has been working on trying to make an impact in the town. He does use cheating tactics, but he is filled with a loneliness that only one of the other kids gets to learn about.

Sophie and Charlie are the hotshot racers that often have the guys around the town doing anything for them. The supporting cast is filled with many different supporting characters. Each one will have their place in group, showing their importance to the friendship between the people in the town.


The story follows a group of snow sled racers that have friendly competitions between each other. Until a new kid comes to town and offers up a new challenge. One that will push one kid Frankie to the limit of what he is willing to do to become the best in town.

This is a story that shows the importance of friendship while growing up. Showing people will make mistakes that can cause pain to each other. It is learning to adapt to mistakes that brings people together. We do also get the message that cheating never prosper. It is told in a nice way that will appeal to a younger audience, while still having a few adult jokes along the way.


Racetime is a family animated movie that has a wonderful design to make this enjoyable to watch. The different racecourses being involved in the races. Different character designs that will show the importance of friendship and understanding other people’s hardships. It does have something for everyone, even if it is targeted to the younger audience.

Racetime is a fun animated movie that family can all enjoy.

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