Lion Spy (2022) Movie Review

Lion Spy – Disturbing yet Important Documentary

Lion Spy Poster

Director: Rogue Rubin

Plot: Part thriller, part exposé, the dramatic new documentary, LION SPY- has it all. When a young woman who wants to prevent the extinction of wild lions. She decides to create a false identity to portray herself as a “big game photographer”. Rather seamlessly infiltrates the male dominated world of trophy hunters in Africa. Putting herself at tremendous personal risk. As she explores clandestine operations, alone with men and guns. Amidst the isolated African plains, she realises if she is found out she will be killed. What she captures on camera literally takes your breath away. With an outcome no one could have imagined, this is a documentary that cannot be missed.

Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on Lion Spy

Lion Spy is a documentary, that will come with a massive WARNING. Showing director Rogue Rubin as she gave herself a new identity to go undercover. She will risk everything to learn how the trophy hunting world operates. Needing to earn the respect from the hunters to get the evidence she needed.

We get to learn about how the discuss about trophy hunting is for conservation purposes. With the income from the hunter meant to be going into the country’s economy. Rogue looks to expose this as lies.

She gets the abuse from creating the undercover persona, questioning how people could do this to someone. Especially someone who is trying to help. The problem is nobody knows she is undercover. This will take an emotional toll on her, adding to the pressure she feels on each hunt.

This is a tragic documentary, that isn’t going to be easy to watch for anyone. Seeing the twisted pleasure the hunters get from photos, leaves you shaking your head in disgust.

The bigger question you would be left having after this. Would be ‘Why not donate the money to help the animals and have somewhere named after you’ it would help the animals without a blood sport.

Final Thoughts Lion Spy is a disturbing documentary, one that needs to expose the truth.

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