Pretty Crazy (2023) Movie Review

Pretty Crazy – Movie Review

Pretty Crazy

Director: Maurice Mo’ Jones

Writer: Leslie Jones, Maurice Mo’ Jones, Mya Jones (Screenplay)


  • Chris Taylor (Blackboard Jungle)
  • Corin Clay (Chicago Fire)
  • Trevon Townsend
  • Jasmine Dunlap
  • Nickie Kruszynski (Weekend Deadaway)

Plot: A successful, handsome, eligible bachelor is ready to find the one to settle down and build a future with – however, the current dating climate is overwhelming. In the wake of his last relationship, he meets and falls for the perfect girl, but will his past come back to ruin his chances of them building their lives together?

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Pretty Crazy starts as womanizer Blake (Taylor) starts searching for a date for his best friend’s wedding. Blake goes through a string of awful dates until he meets Melanie (Clay). Mel brings a fresh approach to dating Blake until his past starts to catch up with him.

Clayton’s (Townsend) wedding is coming up fast and Blake decides he wants to take Mel to the wedding. However, he must prove he has fallen for her if he can have a happy life with the woman that changed his.

Verdict on Pretty Crazy

Pretty Crazy is a romantic comedy following a man needing to find a date for a wedding. He has a reputation that has followed him around and has started to draw out the difficult women. When he meets the perfect woman, he must prove that he wants something serious if he is ever going to win her heart.

This is a romantic comedy like many we have seen before. It puts a larger focus on the guy changing and needing to prove it. This is a proven style for the genre and it has worked many times before and it does again here. Everything is kept simple, and the bad dates are exaggerated versions of women. There are some good laughs, which mostly come from bad dates. The romance between Blake and Mel feels real and the message about letting someone in to change your life is clear.

Final Thoughts Pretty Crazy is a fun romantic comedy.

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