Bad City (2022) Movie Review


Bad City – Movie Review

Director: Kensuke Sonomura

Writer: Kensuke Sonomura (Screenplay)


Plot: Kaiko City is plagued with poverty and crime. When a corrupt businessman decides to run for mayor and starts eliminating opponents from the rival mafia, a former police captain serving time for murder is secretly released and put in charge of a special task force to arrest him.

Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Bad City starts as corrupt businessman Gojo and Korean crime boss Kim Seung-gi decide to run for Mayor of Kaiko City. He wants to turn the city back to its former glory. However, he will use his criminal connections to eliminate his rivals.

The police look to put together a special task force including fallen detective Toroda (Ozawa) to tackle the problem. In the team, we also get Satoshi Kumanmoto, Ryota Nishizaki and Megumi Nohara who have all been working on the violent crime unit. This sees them needing to use their skills to stop the rise of the ruthless crime lord.

Verdict on Bad City

Bad City is an action thriller following a select group of detectives assigned to take down a criminal gang that is running for mayor. This follows the team being put together and needing to overcome massive numbers to fight back against the gangs.

The movie is filled with fight sequences and a story that builds up the gangs going into a war. It shows how people can use their connections to even the odds and put their differences aside to stop a larger threat. Despite being similar to many movies like it before, the movie never holds back on the action side of things. The performances are strong from the whole cast and by the end, we get an entertaining action movie.

Where to Watch: Bad City is available on digital from the 6th of March 2023.

Final Thoughts Bad City is an action-packed, entertaining movie.

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