Pipeline (2021) Movie Review


Director: Emily Aguilar

Writer: Emily Aguilar (Screenplay)

Starring: Yvonne Bowser-Caballero, Keaton Ray, Justin Sisk, Ashna Sharan, Cristian Linares, Mikayla Kelley, Shannon Scully, Marc Goodman

Plot: A family residence is taken over by a blood thirsty pipe monster who awaits those who step inside. Without the ability to leave, the family must do what they can to survive in this blood-ridden home luring in “renters” as bait.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Pipeline starts when seven friends Nicole (Bowser-Caballero), Chris (Ray), Kyle (Sisk), Jena (Sharan), Justin (Linares), Erica (Kelley) and Alexis (Scully) head off to a music festival, renting a home nearby for the weekend of Merlin (Goodman).

When the party starts before the festival, the friends find themselves starting to get picked off by an unknown force that has been feeding on the renters in the house for years.

Thoughts on Pipeline

Characters & Performances – Nicole is the one that is hosting the weekend for the friends, bringing her friends along the way. She might well be the leader in the group, but deep down we do end up going through the generic group of young adults looking for a fun weekend, none of the characters get any real development, other than a few drunken stories along the way. There does seem to be a lack of natural chemistry between the friends, which can reflect in the performances that are mostly just fine, never getting into the levels required to make this anywhere near a terrifying experience.

StoryThe story her follows seven friends who look to have a fun weekend away at a music festival renting a house to get through the weekend away, only nothing goes to plan as an evil presence is in the home. This does the build up of meeting the friends and creates the moments of the unknown looking to pick off the friends through the pipes with a twist in the story that will lead to a more difficult horror in life. While this story is a simple one to watch for a horror, it makes sure to give us more of the unknown over than just spoon feeding the outcome.

ThemesPipeline is a horror that keep the evil within the darkness, while also putting them in locations you think would be safe, which is a hard trick, we get the blood involved for what is happening, without showing us aftermath rather than the attacks. The location keeps us in the singular home which is new to the people that has something involved to keep the evil contained.


Pipeline is an easy watch horror that gets the blood splatter and suspense.

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