Patch Adams (1998) Movie Review


Patch Adams – ABC Film Challenge – Favourites – P – Patch Adams – Movie Review

Director: Tom Shadyac

Writer: Steve Oedekerk (Screenplay)

Writer: Patch Adams, Maureen Mylander (Book)


Plot: The true story of a heroic man, Hunter “Patch” Adams, who determined to become a medical doctor because he enjoys helping people. He ventured where no doctor had ventured before, using humour and pathos.

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Patch Adams starts when Hunter Adams (Williams) checks himself into a psychiatric hospital for his own mental health. Here, Hunter helps the patients unlike any of the doctors in the hospital. Becoming Patch because of his work, he sets out to become a doctor enrolling in medical school.

As Patch starts medical school, he is drawn to helping the patients against his teacher’s decision. The more he rebels, the more he shows that he wants to help people more than follow the rules.

Verdict on Patch Adams

Patch Adams is a comedy biographical movie, that tells the life of Hunter Adams. A man that struggled with his own mental health before finding his purpose in life, helping people. Only medical school isn’t as smooth as he imagined but his desire to help people change the people around him.

This is a movie that wasn’t enjoyed by the man it is based upon. It does lean more toward comedy, which can take away from the more serious subject matter.

For me, this is a movie that was perfect for Robin Williams. He got to play the comedy like he would in everyday life. While handling the serious side of the movie. Bringing together the two sides of his character. The supporting cast is great too, with a large selection of actors we have seen in even more movies over the years.

Final Thoughts Patch Adams is a delightful biographical comedy playing perfectly into Robin Williams’ strengths.

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