Minority Report (2002)

logoDirector: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Scott Frank, Jon Cohen (Screenplay) Philip K. Dick (Short Story)

Starring: Tom Cruise, Max Von Sydow, Steve Harris, Neal McDonough, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Peter Stormare


Plot: In the year 2054 crime is virtually eliminated from Washington D.C. thanks to an elite law enforcement squad ‘Precrime’. They use three gifted humans known as Pre-Cogs with special powers to see into the future and predict crimes beforehand. John Anderton (Cruise) heads precrime and believes the system’s flawlessness steadfastly. However one day the Pre-cogs predict that Anderton will commit a murder himself in the next 35 hours. Worse, Anderton doesn’t even know the victim. He decides to get to the mystery’s core by finding out the ‘Minority Report’ which means the predictions of the female Pre-Cog Agatha that might tell a different story and prove Anderton’s innocent.


Verdict: Good Sci-fi Action Thriller


Story: A world with no murder, seems like a peaceful place right? This story plays on the idea of this going national and is under supervision to make sure it works without error. We get the idea that one crime could be faked and another is to be committed but involving people who don’t know each other. We have the one man crusade to prove he couldn’t commit a murder to someone he doesn’t know. Mix it all together you get a thriller that shows what seems like a perfect system has flaws in it. Think ‘The Fugitive’ in the future with technology to make running harder. (8/10)


Actor Reviews


Tom Cruise: John Anderton the chief of the Pre-Crime division who is haunted by the loss of his son before it was created and works every day to make sure no one else suffers the same loss he did. Once his name comes up as the murderer he goes on the run to prove he couldn’t commit the crime but what he discovers can change everything he has worked for. Good lead performance from Tom, just want you expect from him. (9/10)


Max Von Sydow: Director Lamar Burgess the creator of the pre-crime division who seems John like a son, he is trying to turn it into a national idea. Good support performance showing a typical business man. (8/10)


Colin Farrell: Danny Witwer is sent to make sure everything is running smoothly with the division, but what he finds could bring the system down and once John’s name comes up he sets out in pursuit of the man. Good performance from Farrell showing he can play a between the lines character. (8/10)


Neal McDonough: Fletcher John’s second in commander who is trying to bring him in, but his personal connection is making it harder to achieve. Good supporting performance showing he can play good after a string of villainous roles. (7/10)


Samantha Morton: Agatha one of the pre-cogs and the smartest one at that she has the most visions and the most detail in them. Good support performance.(7/10)


Director Review: Steven Spielberg – You know what you are going to get when you see the name Spielberg and you won’t be disappointed here. (9/10)


Action: Great sci-fi action throughout. (9/10)

Mystery: Just watching to solve the mystery and keeping the guessing going until the end really works for this film. (9/10)

Sci-Fi: Good look into the future using technologies that are starting to be used now like touch screen and eye detections. (10/10)

Thriller: Keeps you guessing from start to finish. (9/10)

Settings: Stunning settings created to make the world of the future still have a human touch. (9/10)
Special Effects
: Brilliant special effects used throughout, with the world creation and the technologies. (10/10)

Suggestion: If you like the genre you will enjoy, but I feel if you don’t like the ideas you may struggle to get into the film. (Sci-Fi Action Fans Watch)


Best Part: The escape in the car factory.

Worst Part: The moral questions behind the story.

Action Scene Of The Film: The ally way escape.

Believability: With some of the technologies coming into our world gives us a feel of realism but the rest seems too much to date. (4/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: The Fugitive


Oscar Chances: Nominated for One Oscar

Box Office: $358,372,926

Budget: $102 Million

Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes

Tagline: You Can’t Hide


Overall: Great Sci-Fi Action Thriller That Makes You Think

Rating 86

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