Out of This World (2020) Movie Review

Out of This World – Movie Review

Out of This World

Director: Marc Fouchard

Writer: Marc Fouchard (Screenplay)


  • Kevin Mischel
  • Aurelia Poirier
  • June Assal
  • Genevieve Casile
  • Ambre Larrazet

Plot: A shy man who works as a taxi driver because he can’t afford to live as a musician, meets a deaf girl dancer who is attracted to him despite his trouble communicating.

Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Out of This World starts as we meet taxi driver Leo (Mischel), he drives to pay the bills as he chases his dream of becoming a musician. However, he has a dark side, one that sees his ruthlessly murdering women around the city.

When he meets a deaf dancer Amelie (Poirier) he gets drawn to her in a way unlike any woman before. This sends Leo into a more dangerous spiral, leaving him becoming reckless, as he seeks communication with Amelie.

Verdict on Out of This World

Out of This World is a thriller that is filled with reflective emptiness. This is seen in the quiet life that Leo lives, one where he keeps himself away from the world. He is a big dreamer and finds himself caught up in the middle of something he can’t control as he meets someone, he would like to help him change his life.

In what is a very disturbing movie that relies on the empty environment and emotions being shown by Leo. We get to see how things might unfold if he can’t control his urges. It becomes uncomfortable but works at creating a world where we don’t know what will happen next. This is helped by the brilliant performance of Kevin Mischel.

Where to Watch: Bulldog Film Distribution presents Out Of This World on digital HD on 5th December

Final Thoughts Out of This World is a wonderful movie filled with pure emptiness to push the story forward.

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