Elvis the Pig (2022) Movie Review


Elvis the Pig – Movie Review

Director: Jason Mills (Films)

Writer: Jason Mills (Screenplay)


  • Aggie Bell
  • Sadie Silcock
  • Jackson Berlin
  • Camryn Macdonald

Plot: A young girl learns she may have to sell her beloved pet pig, Elvis, to a local farmer to save the family farm. Unbeknownst to her, the pig is in real danger, the farmer is planning a pig roast and not a forever home. The whole family bands together to save Elvis, uniting to reclaim their farm, proving that love is worth more than money.

Runtime: 1 Hour 11 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Elvis the Pig starts when young Riley learns her family plans to move away from their farm. Meaning, she will become separated from her beloved pet pig, Elvis. After learning Elvis might be in danger, Riley looks to find a solution.

This brings the family together in the biggest time of need. As Riley must learn about separation at an early age and learn to make human friends.

Verdict on Elvis the Pig

Elvis the Pig is a family-friendly movie that follows a farming family that is going through a difficult decision. They are planning on moving away, only for the youngest member to find it hard to move away from her pet pig, Elvis.

This is a movie that is about coming together as a family, no matter how difficult it is. Doing the right thing for the people you love the most and finding a solution for animals if you are moving away from a farm. It is told through the eyes of the youngest member who will feel the separation the most. This checks off everything to make for a fun family film.

Final ThoughtsElvis the Pig is a fun family film.

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