Orangutan (2021) Movie Review

Orangutan is a nice drama proving you need people in life through problems.

Orangutan Poster

Director: Frankie Gaddo

Writer: Frankie Gaddo (Screenplay)

Starring: Brent Baird, Jan Kamar, Caro Coltman, Mike D Smith, Mat Holmlund, Olivia Grubic, Teresa Greco

Plot: A vivacious aspiring social worker brings together five peculiar strangers to help solve their existential problems but finds herself in way over her head.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Orangutan starts as Siara (Kamar) has arranged a meeting between Paul (Baird), Beatrice (Coltman), Merel (Smith), Eben (Holmlund) and Janet (Grubic). For them to look at the problems they have been going through life with.

As the six strangers start opening up slowly. Starting discussing what has led them to end up where they are in life. Why they need help, been struggling in everyday life, getting advice to move forward in their own life.

Thoughts on Orangutan

Orangutan is a drama that will follow the six strangers at six different stages of their lives. From a 16-year-old to a retired widow. They all have problems with life and Siara brings them together for a chance to chat. To learn more about what they could do to make their lives better for the future.

This will show us how life will always throw up problems and opening up to people, even a stranger, will be the best way to get through the problems they are going through. This is told in a real time style, showing how easy it can be for some to open up, but not others. With each person looking to offer advice to the others at the meeting. The performances are strong from the cast, with the awkwardness of the meeting coming through in the performances.

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