Once Upon a Lifetime (2021) Movie Review ‘Magical Tale’

Once Upon a Lifetime – Magical Tale


Director: David Skato

Writer: David Skato (Screenplay)

Starring: Jensen Atwood, Melvin Ward, Melanie Thompson, Arie Thompson, Phoenix Nicholson, Krystian Alexander Lyttle

Plot: As a boy copes with his difficult home life and his parents’ failing marriage, a mysterious girl suddenly appears. Faith, family and a special kind of magic come together as his new friend teaches them all about love, forgiveness and healing.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Once Upon a Lifetime starts when bullied school boy Thomas (Nicholson) meets a stranger of his own age Joy, she becomes attached to him, following him, being welcomed into his house by his mother Tatyana (Thompson).

Overnight Joy suddenly ages to teenager age, where the family can’t explain what happened, as each day goes past, Joy continues to age dramatically, while giving advice to the family, more than anyone her original age should know.

Thoughts on Once Upon a Lifetime

Characters & Performances – Thomas is the young boy that is getting bullied at school, while living in a not so comfortable home, where his parents fight. He meets and befriends a young Joy as he starts to learn from her over the next couple of days, despite the changes she goes through. Tatyana and Joseph are the parents that have been going through a bad time because of Joseph’s behaviour, Joy will help Tatyana see what would be best for her future, guiding her out of the trapped marriage she finds herself in. Joy starts as a young girl the same age as Thomas, as each day passes by, she starts to age, becoming a guardian like angel over the family, teaching them and showing them what they need most in life. The performances in this film are wonderful, bringing together the real moments each character is going through.

StoryThe story here follows a family that get an unlikely visitor in a 9-year-old girl who unexplainably ages suddenly overnight, where the time the family spend with the now woman, will lead to advice to help them through the rest of their lives. This is a magical story that will leave you with mixed feelings of delight and sadness, with how Joy touches the lives of the family. It will highlight how small changes in life can make everything better, but you will need to make the change to escape the problems. This is easily one film that will leave an impact on you once you have finished.

ThemesOnce Upon a Lifetime is a fantasy drama that will see how a woman will spend a lifetime with a family over only a short period of time, while aging quicker than anyone else. This fantasy elements will show how someone touching the life will keep the guidance simple in life.

Final Thoughts Once Upon a Lifetime is a truly magical tale.

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