Miss Freelance (2019) Short Movie Review


Miss Freelance – Movie Review

Director: Matthew Kyle Levine

Writer: Matthew Kyle Levine (Screenplay)


Plot: A week in the life of a young woman who freelances for strange men throughout New York City.

Runtime: 19 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Miss Freelance

Miss Freelance follows a young woman who makes calls to a different group of men in New York City. Each one has a different request from her and she looks to serve them for money. As we see the clients, we see the lasting effect it has on the woman.

This is a drama that gets to highlight the darker life that a prostitute can live. They want to feel valued and this life has seen them going in a downward spiral. Maddy Murphy is brilliant in her role in the movie. We could easily see a longer version of this story too.

Final Thoughts Miss Freelance is a wonderfully performed short of a bleak life.

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