Sisyphus Unbound (2023) Short Movie Review


Sisyphus Unbound – Movie Review

Director: Ryan Fleming

Writer: Ryan Fleming (Screenplay)


Plot: Virgil, a college writing student, hopes to have his latest story published, but he must first get over one major hurdle before his work gets out to the world, his mercurial writing professor Richard Laymen.

Runtime: 8 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Sisyphus Unbound

Sisyphus Unbound is a short drama following an aspiring writer Virgil that is looking to have his story published. We see how his professor has to prepare him for the real-world situation of how harsh the publishing world could be.

This gets to show us how the student-professor relationship can be built up. It can have two sides to it, an overly friendly or one that pushes people to the next level. This does get to show how dreams can be made or broken. The performances are great from Frederick J Todd, Timothy J Cox and Emerson Adams.

This could easily be built out into a longer deeper story. You can see the big moments that could make things more complicated for the aspiring author.

Final Thoughts Sisyphus Unbound is a great drama we could see even more from.

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