Local Heroes (2023) Movie Review

Local Heroes – Movie Review

Local Heroes

Director: John Warrington

Plot: The story of how three young working-class lads from Nottingham went on to become unlikely heroes and reach the pinnacle of professional football when unfashionable Nottingham Forest, under the mercurial Brian Clough, won the European Cup not just once, but twice, in 1979 and 1980.

Viv Anderson, (the first black footballer to play for England), former carpet fitter, Gary Birtles, and Tony Woodcock, who later played for FC Cologne and Arsenal, return to Nottingham to take us back to where it all began as we uncover how three working class lads, against all the odds, became ‘Local Heroes’.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Local Heroes

Local Heroes is a sports documentary following the careers of three iconic Nottingham Forest players. It follows their upbringing in the Nottingham area from working-class families to becoming professional players. This saw them involved in one of the legendary moments winning the European Cup.

If you wanted to learn the story behind a couple of the players involved in the legendary Brian Clough squad. This gives you a nice exploration of their lives and what that moment meant. However, we have seen many of these types of documentaries in the past. This doesn’t seem to offer up much more than what most documentaries have in the past either. Every time Nottingham Forest is at a big moment, they reference these players and this moment. Overall, this gets to show how people can become heroes even from the smallest of backgrounds.

Where to Watch: Local Heroes will then kick-off on digital, DVD and Blu-ray this June courtesy of Miracle Media.

Final Thoughts Local Heroes is an interesting football documentary.

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