Boogie Man (2018) Movie Review

Boogie Man – Movie Review

Boogie Man

Director: Andrew Morahan

Writer: Andrew Morahan, Simon Olivier (Screenplay)


Plot: A British-Indian teenager struggles with his cultural heritage in modern-day London, falling for a white, 20-something actress/model during a 1970s-themed exhibition, and becoming obsessed with both her and the fashion and music of a seemingly more glamorous ’70s era, all the while trying to keep his family’s Indian traditionalism and the impending responsibilities of adulthood at bay.

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Boogie Man starts when British-Indian teenager Paavan (Khanna) finds himself struggling to find herself in a changing world. Along with his friends, they end up in 1970s themed exhibition where Paavan takes a shine to model Stephanie Crane (Pears).

As Paavan starts to pursue the actress, he finds himself getting tested on following traditions or not. His family want to give him the best but this dream sees him in a fantasy world of chasing a model he has only met once.

Verdict on Boogie Man

Boogie Man is a comedy following a teenager who is looking to chase a potential dream girl. However, he finds it hard to overcome his family’s traditions who only want the best for him. This sees him turning to his friends for help as he looks to take a big chance in his life.

The movie tries to use cultural clashes to drive the narrative. However, it can get caught up in the middle of making more of this that is in play. It doesn’t go as strict as you would imagine, as it would look to, as other movies get very heavy about it. the performances do give us joy for their chases in life. there is also a positive message with a negative style going on throughout the movie.

Final Thoughts Boogie Man is an entertaining comedy.

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