Legions (2019) Movie Review

Legion – Movie Review


Director: Dariusz Gajewski

Writer: Dariusz Gajeski, Michal Godzic, Tomasz Lysiak (Screenplay)


Plot: In 1914, shortly after the start of World War I, the Polish Legions were formed to fight for a sole purpose; independence. Battling against vast empires, the young, quick-witted legionnaires endured the onslaught of world powers to secure Poland’s sovereignty. Follow Joseph, a deserter turned warrior, and Ola, an intelligence agent, through this tale of love and sacrifice in the face of great odds.

Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Legions starts as World War I commences, and the Polish creates Legions. Jozek (Fabijanski) has deserted his unit before being forced to join the legionnaires. Meanwhile, Tadeusz (Gelner) and his fiancée Aleksandra (Wolanska) are fighting to remain together during the intense conflict.

As the war rages on the three find themselves getting involved in different battles. Some are to survive against the odds, others are to maintain their own safety. Everything they are fighting for is to keep their country free.

Verdict on Legions

Legions is a war movie following three people during the First World War. They find themselves dealing with different battles before coming together for the biggest battle of them all. This sees them going through different conflicts with deadly results.

Legions is another one of the many amazing stories of bravery being discovered from the World Wars. It does a good job of showing the different conflicts the characters are going through. This also puts together good battle sequels throughout the movie. It also gets the importance of the parts played to get the upper hand.

Final Thoughts Legions is a strong war movie, giving us another look at an historic moment.

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