Cram (2021) Movie Review

Cram – Movie Review


Director: Abie Sidell

Writer: Abie Sidell (Screenplay)


  • John DiMino (Smoke in the Air)
  • Jane Bradley (Make Yourself at Home)
  • Carolina Do (Snitches)
  • Brandon Burton

Plot: We all do what we gotta do to pass – except Marc. Desperate to somehow finish his final paper, he struggles to cram all night in the library. But the library has other plans for him.

Runtime: 45 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Cram starts when Marc (DiMino) is facing a race to finish off his paper before the deadline runs out. He has put himself in the library for the night to make sure he gets it completed. Marc takes suggestions from friends to help him concentrate and get everything he needs before the deadline.

However, during the night Marc finds himself dealing with unexpected visitors in the library. This forces him to confront his decision to delay the paper and he gets a glimpse into the consequences.

Verdict on Cram

Cram is a horror mystery following a college student that delayed his studying till the final day. He must now complete his assignment in one night and finds his time in the library terrifying. This sees him battling his own sanity to get the work done before the time runs out.

The movie might be a little shorter than you are expecting. However, the journey we take is filled with disturbing experiences. It shows how the library can feel like a scary position when you are alone. As well as mixing together substances others have suggested helping could have consequences. While there are some genuinely creepy scenes, it does take us down a rabbit hole that sometimes feels directionless. Each visit doesn’t feel connected to the previous one, leading to everything struggling to be held together.

Final ThoughtsCram is a creepy horror with plenty left to explore.

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