Legend of Oro Arrowhead (2021) Movie Review

Legend of Oro Arrowhead is a easy to watch adventure movie.

Director: Bill Rahn

Writer: Bill Rahn, Chris Adams (Screenplay)

Starring: Jermi Little, Vanessa Ore, Stephen Thompson, Wayne Deloriea, Bill Rahn

Plot: Tracing his father’s trail on a mysterious map, a man searches for a golden arrowhead that seems to have the entire town spooked.

Runtime: 1 Hour 52 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Legend of Oro Arrowhead starts as Jim Powell (Thompson) returns to his home town after his father’s sudden death. This will see him discover a mysterious map about a Golden Arrowhead. After asking around town, Jim finds himself getting nothing but cold shoulders. Until he learns that Sable Fade (Dernehl) wants to arrowhead.

Jim decides to go in search of answers himself, which will see him team up with Gola (Ore), who knows more than Jim. Helping guide Jim search for the item which has a connection to her people’s history.

Thoughts on Legend of Oro Arrowhead

Legend of Oro Arrowhead is an adventure thriller following a man returning home after his father’s death. Only to find himself getting caught up in mystery that he was trying to solve. Finding himself need to fight back against somebody else hunting for the same treasure.

When it comes to the story we are seeing here, we get the typical treasure hunt. Where a rich person is trying to get it for their own profit. While the new hunter is willing to do it for the right reason, to celebrate the history of the people behind it. This story does everything it needs to for a small treasure hunt, but never reaches the intensity of what we would expect.

The performances in the film are strong enough, but never reach the top levels you would expect in an adventure movie. This does feel more like a beginning of a bigger idea, where we could return to see the characters in more adventures.

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