Kung Fu Ghost (2022) Movie Review ‘Fun Action Comedy’

Kung Fu Ghost – Fun Action Film

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Director: Jennifer N Linch

Writer: Ivan White (Screenplay)

Starring: Noah Sargent, Jennifer N Linch, Eddie Lain, Whitney Wegman-Wood, Mark Atkinson, Kiki Yeung, David S Dawson

Plot: Daisy inherits a spooky old estate from her late grandfather, a martial arts master whom she never met. When she shows up on the property, she soon discovers the house is haunted. By her grandfather’s spirit and the ghost of a mysterious man named William. When treasure-hunting criminal descend on Daisy’s new home, she is forced to call on her new supernatural friends to fend them off.

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Kung Fu Ghost starts when Daisy (Linch) learns that her grandfather (Dawson) has passed away in America. Leaving her his house, on one condition, she stays there for one week. Daisy believes the house is haunted and when thieves try to break in, the ghosts reveal themselves.

The two ghosts are her grandfather and mysterious man William (Sargent). Helping Daisy fight back against the treasure hunters that are trying to break in, where Daisy must learn kung fu, like her grandfather mastered.

Thoughts on Kung Fu Ghost

Characters & Performances

Daisy has always lived a laidback lifestyle, one that sees her lack the discipline her grandfather had. Daisy will get the chance to move to America to inherit his home. Planning to help continue her family’s wishes with a restaurant. Daisy must learn the discipline her family had to defend the home from treasure hunting thieves and find her place in a new world for a fresh start.

Grandpa must teach Daisy about kung fu, needing her to step up to defend the artifacts hidden in the home. He is frustrated that Daisy hasn’t learnt any skills, forcing her to improve herself.

William is the other ghost that is helping prepare Daisy for something, he needs to help her adapt to the changes coming her way. While trying to keep himself distant from the bigger picture of what could be. Kung Fu Ghost does have strong performances. With director star Jennifer N Linch bringing her out of place character to life, adding the clash of cultures into the comedic side of the film.


The story follows a young woman that inherits a home in America under the grounds of needing to spend one week in the home. Where she will learn the reason for the deal when the ghost of her grandfather prepares her for what is needed from her.

Kung Fu Ghost brings us a story about understand changes in culture. Showing how generations will see a divide in how they believe things should be done. The life lessons being taught in the film are great, with Daisy needing to learn so much so fast. With a bigger motivation behind why everything is happening slowly getting revealed.


Kung Fu Ghost is an action comedy that will get to follow the increasingly stronger skills Daisy learns in kung fu. Which will see her learning in a comedic way, as she isn’t prepared for certain parts of the training. The film takes mostly inside the one home, which will give the home invaders a strange Home Alone vibe, as most end up in comedic moments.

Final Thoughts Kung Fu Ghost is a fun action comedy, getting plenty of laughs.

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